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  • Acquisition of temporary services company, along with forced buy-out of majority shareholders, financing for this transaction amounted to $42,000,000+
  • Sale of family-owned flower business, tax-free reorganization in course of a marital dissolution
  • Acquisition of New Zealand business/real estate; venture funding
  • Forced member buy-out and stock purchase
  • Redemption agreement and stock transfer
  • Stock purchase of several local service providers
  • Sale of stock of radio corporation by private interest to local nonprofit foundation; FCC licensing of transfer
  • Tax-free transfer of assets from private mutual water company to local services district
  • Sale of international trademark rights: $18,000,000
  • Asset purchase of salad dressing formula, name, inventory; production agreement
  • Asset purchases of restaurants, conversion of use, sales of restaurants
  • Sale of insurance company, transfer of existing insurance carrier
  • Buyout of 50% shareholder of women’s clothing design company
  • Purchase of web-based software company in exchange for cash and stock
  • Transfer of rights from foreign flower breeder to local corporation
  • Sale of stock of restaurant to private investor