Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation

///Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation
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  • Successful Defense of Company against employment claims, including commissions, resulting in settlement of an amount less than originally offered
  • Successful Defense of the Officers and Majority Shareholders with assertions of bad faith, violation of fiduciary duties, and violations of the Bylaws, through a derivative action, resulting in favorable judgment allowing a forced buyout of minority shareholders
  • Representation in business dispute involving loan defaults and allegations of misappropriation
  • Representation in business dispute with allegations of misappropriation and fraud involving a California corporation
  • Successful Defense of General Contractor against claims of a tile subcontractor; recovery for bad tile work
  • Construction Default Litigation, Representing General Contractors, Subcontractors
  • Collection of over $300,000 for satisfaction of judgment
  • Successful Defense of Chairperson of Agricultural Commission, in litigation demanding compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $10,000,000, resulted in dismissal (attorney fees recovered)
  • Defense of derivative shareholder action, resulting in buyout of minority interests
  • Defense of collection for defective flower supplies; Cross-claims against international suppliers, carriers and insurers
  • Settlement of recovery of unpaid architectural fees and enforcement of mechanics liens
  • Collection activities/litigation for costs and fees; environmental litigation to recover unpaid clean up fees, enforce mechanics liens rights
  • Representation of a media company in declaratory relief action for trademark/copyright infringement
  • Trust probate and conservatorship litigation
  • Many mediations, including those through the Forum, resulting in resolutions